SAP Tools

SAP tools

The SAP carries out its activities by monitoring and evaluating the agricultural season and the food situation (getting an idea of ​​the outcome of the campaign, possibly proposing decisions). To do this, it relies on a number of mechanisms as well as analysis and decision-making tools.
The analysis and decision-making tools are:

  • The cereal balance sheet;
  • The coverage rate of provincial cereal needs (source EPA);
  • The qualitative monitoring reports of the campaign;
  • The diagnostic missions of the DGPSA;
  • Satellite monitoring of the agricultural campaign;
  • Estimating the food aid needs of vulnerable populations

Execution of the Emergency Program

The implementation of the food aid program for vulnerable populations is carried out as follows:
First a report to the Council of Ministers (CM) is made on the food situation with attached recommendations;
Then, an intervention decision in the form of food aid (population & livestock): free distribution and / or sale at social price is taken in CM;
Once the decision is taken, the National Security Stock (SNS) is mobilized in the event that the deficit in the final cereal balance reaches at least 5% of the population’s needs. Otherwise, the Intervention Stock (IS) is mobilized to manage localized crises.
The actors questioned for the interventions are:

  • Technical Committee of the National Food Security Council;
  • CNSA Executive Secretariat
  • National Council for Emergency Relief and Rehabilitation (CONASUR)
  • National Security Stock Management Company (SONAGESS)
  • the Decentralized Administrations of CONASUR of the localities concerned.