The general direction of studies and sectoral statistics (DGESS)

The general direction of studies and sector statistics (DGESS) is responsible for the design, formulation, planning, programming, coordination and monitoring of development actions at the sector level.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Hydro-Agricultural Development (MAAH) is the structure responsible for the production and dissemination of statistical data relating to the agricultural sector. Thus, the production of statistical directories is one of the activities of the DGESS, and is a priority activity in the entire National Statistical System (SSN).

To do this, the department is pleased to make available to users the 2017 Burkina Faso directory which presents statistics of the agricultural sector.
The data series in this yearbook is presented in tabular form from 2008 to 2017 according to three levels of disaggregation: provincial, regional and national. The data come mainly from the Permanent Agricultural Survey (EPA), the Market Garden Survey (EMA), the Monitoring and Analysis of Agricultural and Food Policies (MAFAP), and the General Agricultural Census (RGA) of 1993 and from 2006.

This directory is organized into 9 chapters which cover rain-fed agriculture, animal husbandry, arboriculture and fishing, as well as food security and the prices of cereal products.

The preparation and publication of this directory benefited from the collaboration of certain external structures which provided data for certain indicators.

Despite the efforts made in its development, we remain convinced that it may still contain shortcomings and imperfections. Therefore, your criticisms and suggestions are welcome at with a view to perfecting future editions.